Studygram: The Instagram Students

Have you ever scrolled through your instagram explore page and come across a picture of a set of beautiful notes or aesthetic stationery? Chances are, you’ve stumbled across the world of studygram. A world that I love being a part of. And a world that I am going to share with you today.

Let me explain. Firstly, the name ‘studygram’ is a combination of the words ‘study’ and ‘Instagram’, and is a community of young people who share their school notes, love of stationary and motivation on the platform. I began my time as part of this community as a ‘studyblr’: a study account which uses tumblr rather than Instagram to display their content. On tumblr I gathered a couple of thousand followers and as many notes on my posts. I kept posting and sharing until I began to realise that I was becoming bored with the whole process. And, since starting my Instagram account, have realised why this was the case.

Arguably the best part of the studygram world is the people in it. It is obviously satisfying to scroll through a feed and see endless beautiful calligraphy and note taking. However, it is the support and love shown between these people that makes being a studygram account enjoyable. A large part of my issue with being a studyblr was the lack of personality behind each account, with posts being shared and likes being accumulated without any human interaction. This is the key difference between the two platforms: Instagram allows communication through people, not just content.

When I post an image on my studygram, I share a caption alongside it which explains my current academic situation, or plans for university, or life updates in general, and the comments and conversations that I receive back are part of what I love about it all. This is a theme with most studygram accounts, and allows you to not only be shown content that somebody is creating, but to follow their journey to wherever they aim to be.

That is another thing that I believe is one of the most important parts of the online studying community. Picture the type of person who would make one of these accounts: somebody creative, motivated, industrious. Being surrounded by these people is so motivating and encouraging. Alongside this, every person who I have come across is not only so supportive but also kind and compassionate, and I guess that this isn’t too unexpected coming from the type of people who spend their free time posting these images and being part of this world.

I am aware that I have made this online world sound perfect and completely idealistic. And, in terms of the type of people that you come across and the posts that you see, it is. But that is the problem.

Everybody has days that they feel unmotivated or sad. And, scrolling through people who are working hard and achieving amazing things seemingly constantly can make that feeling 100 times worse. Another issue is that even when you are feeling proud of yourself or what you have achieved, you can come away from a simple browse feeling somewhat inferior or inadequate to others. This is something that I think was more prevalent on tumblr, however I am not sure if that is the platform, or possibly the types of accounts that I followed. Either way, it can be damaging watching somebody else’s live through an idealised filter. Many of the tumblr posts that I saw were complete perfection, with hundreds of thousands of notes, and more importantly existed without the viewer knowing anything about the person and their inevitable stresses and struggles that make them human. The humanisation of these accounts is very important, and is something that I am seeing more and more in the studygram community. It is also something that I strive to achieve through my posts. I don’t mean this is terms of lowering the quality of the posts, as the beauty and talent seen in the posts is what makes the world of studygramming what it is. However, many accounts are becoming more personal and honest in their captions, and continue to share the achievements, but also the journey they took to get there. The successes as well as the failures.  Sharing when they decided to watch Netflix instead of studying! I think that this shift in self- portrayal is so important for the mental health of everybody on the platform, and makes being a studygram account far more enjoyable.

This online community is a wonderful place which motivates me, pushes me to be creative with my school work, and is full of people who inspire me and have become friends. This community is one where people with 100,000 followers will support people with 100 followers, and I think that this fact is reflective of the kind, unbiased people which the Studygram world is made up of.


If you are interested in browsing some photos and accounts, search #studygram or #study on Instagram and have a scroll. Or, if you fancy following me, my account is @ellarosestudy (source of images in this post). Thank you for reading!

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A Collection of Moments

Something that I love about sharing videos online is the ability to reminisce about content that you have created in the past with a click.

I can remember filming, editing and uploading this, and being so excited and proud of the final result. Although it has been almost a year since this was uploaded, watching this video back is lovely because it has reminded me that regardless of any other factors in life, creating has always brought me so much happiness.

I am also beginning to allow myself to watch back my old videos without such a critical lens, and to see the content as it is: something that I was incredibly proud of when I had first made it, and something that has taught me so much in terms of what I create today. I think that is so important.



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